Friday, October 2, 2009

Habits of Success

  1. Successful people love and care for the others. Their actions are aimed at aiding and developing fellow human beings but do not try to be the answer to all ills in the world.

  2. Successful people learn and grow constantly. They associate and learn from other successful people. They have a wealth of self-improvement material from which to refer from time to time. On the other hand they also learn from unsuccessful people because in failure there is lesson to be learned.

  3. Successful people make decisions daily. They are quick to make decisions and take time to change them because they have learned to trust their instincts. Unsuccessful people on the other hand are indecisive and when they do make decisions, they change them quickly due to lack of confidence in their decision making capabilities.

  4. Successful people feel good about “this moment”. They say “today is a perfect day”. They know that yesterday is gone, today is a present and through prayer, tomorrow will even be better. They will go out into the world to make their mark for others to learn and benefit.

  5. Successful people concentrate on productive activities because they know what is important to them. They do not waste time on unproductive and trivial issues. Life is much more important to be squandered on time-wasters

  6. Successful people nurture and grow their personality because they do not agree with those that say personality and traits are inherited from birth. They know that leaders are not born but sculpture themselves into leadership positions. They are constantly working on their people, communication and relationship skills.

  7. Successful people just do it. Life is fun that way. They have heard and seen the effects of "analysis paralysis".

  8. Successful people manage their stress by:

  • Fully focusing on what they do; they loathe distractions.

  • Planning in details before hand. They acknowledge the imperfection in their plans but get comfort in the clarity they bring.

  • Avoiding doing too much. They delegate well and outsource their weak areas but assume overall responsibility all the time.

  • Arranging their schedule to have enough time to relax and enjoy life with family and friends.

  • Avoiding being too perfect, in fact they focus on being effective rather than being perfectionist because they know that this world is not a perfect world but it accommodates optimised solutions.

  • Being happy about success, they celebrate success and reward themselves well.

  • Not being unnecessary frightened by future because they know that there are good times and bad times in life and we all are going to go through them at any given point in our lives.

  1. Successful people live a dream. They allow themselves to dream because they know that inspirations comes from dreams.

  1. Successful people take care of their bodies by:

  • Eating healthy

  • Exercising regularly

  • Having enough sleep

  • Laughing regularly

  • Drinking enough water

  1. Successful people give 110% effort because they understand the relationship between input and output. They are efficient on the input side and maximise the output to their benefit and humanity as well.

  2. Successful people tolerate differing opinions because they know they can learn from other people with differing opinions and perspectives.

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